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                        About Nica


I started creating gifts and home decor gifts because I found it near impossible to find the right gift in stores. Everything I bought, seemed so impersonal and generic.  I wanted to create gifts for that "hard to shop for" person, but also was memorible. I have, like many people, received gifts for important occasions, but can't quite remember the gift.  It was the ones that were homemade or had a little something extra with it, like my favorite color, or a nod to my favorite flower that I remembered years later.  


As a Retired Marine, a Marine Wife and Mother of two active boys, I wanted to create beautiful gifts that embraced my love of interior design and color.   Some of my gifts are out of the box, very unique, and created just for the receiver, and this however, can not be found just anywhere.  I enjoy what I do, so I price all my gifts with real-people budgets in mind.  Let me help you make your moment great whether its celebrating your 10th year anniversary, a first baby, or a gift to apologize for burning dinner!  There is something for everyone! 
































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