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This black and white acrylic piece with the burgundy hue background speaks of two people who are torn.  A powerful piece that shows the strength of each of them, but the weakness they have for each other.  Size 24x36 on a gallery canvas wrap.  Ready for shipping.  

Torn by Manica Walker

  • This custom piece is to not be duplicated for resale and is to be used for private use.  Prints of this piece can be purchased by contacting me directly.  The piece may be returned if the original wrapping is still on canvas, not damaged, or alterned.  If the painting arrives damaged in shipping box.  Please provide a picture of the damaged box before it is opened to me and the local post office in your area.  All packages will be insured, and any damage boxes will receive a claim for damage, however, if the painting is damaged due to the shipping carrier's error, a partial refund will be provided.  

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